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COVID-19 Online Workshops


Mental health is of increased concern for all Australians during this period of enforced isolation and particularly so for the LGBTQIA+ community, a community already facing significant mental health inequalities prior to COVID-19.


Qrise is rolling out our suite of workshops as cloud-based videoconferences from May, in response to restrictions on movement and gatherings.


Qrise can trace its beginnings back to the creation of Qheadspace, an online chat service created by Qrise co-founders Sara Strachan and Charlie Cooper, run by headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.


We’re fortunate to have a high level of experience in online mental health service and a digital-first approach that allows us to confidently continue operations remotely for the foreseeable future.


Some of the workshops we’ve adapted for the cloud are described below and on our website, available at reduced costs during the pandemic. These foundational workshops have been designed with collaboration and customisation in mind, in order to tailor them to the needs of your organisation.


In particular, our workshop for friends and family is one we hope can assist allies who are sharing space with an LGBTQIA+ young person for the duration of COVID-19 isolation measures.

Understanding Mental Health during Difficult Times

Audience Young people aged 15-25 years old.
Time 90min Workshop
Topics Selfcare, Mental Health & Resilience
Description An online interactive workshop in which participants will learn about common mental health challenges facing LGBTQIA+ young people, what support is available to them and how to access it during Covid-19.
Format 2 presenters via private group video call with up to 20 participants.
Rate $500.00 (No GST)

Ally Training for Family & Friends of LGBTQIA+ Youth

Audience Family Members & Friends
Time 2 - 3hr Workshop
Topics Allyship, Understanding & Respecting Identities, Mental Health Support & Awareness
Description A special online workshop for family and friends of LGBTQIA+ young people, providing information, tools and resources to support participants to be the best allies they can be to the LGBTQIA+ young people in their lives. This workshop is highly recommended for family and friends who are currently living with a LGBTQIA+ young person during COVID-19.
Format 2 presenters via private group video call with up to 20 participants.
Rate $650.00 (No GST)

Inclusive Practice for LGBTQIA+ Youth in Health Settings

Audience Health and community professionals who work with LGBTIQA+ young people.
Time 2 - 3hr Workshop
Topics LGBTQIA+ 101, Inclusive Practice, Awareness & Education
Description An interactive online workshop in which participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community, knowledge of the differing health and safety needs of LGBTIQA+ youth and Inclusive practice tools for working with and supporting LGBTQIA+ young people. This workshop will also include education around how the health and safety needs of LGBTQIA+ young people are affected during COVID-19.
Format 2 presenters via private group video call with up to 20 participants.
Rate $750.00 (No GST)

Building Safe & Inclusive Workplaces for LGBTQIA+ Youth: Workplace Ally Training

Audience Staff who employ LGBTQIA+ youth in their workplace.
Time 2 - 3hr Workshop
Topics Inclusive Workplaces, Safety at Work, Awareness & Education.
Description An interactive workshop that will help support you and your staff to provide safe and inclusive workplaces for LGBTQIA+ young people.
Format 2 presenters via private group video call with up to 20 participants.
Rate $1150.00 (No GST)