Qrise Ltd is Incorporated
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Qrise Ltd is Incorporated

Qrise Ltd is Incorporated

Qrise is now an incorporated organisation, which means it has its own hopes, dreams and fears (seperate from those of the people who run it!)

With enormous thanks to the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet who provided capacity-building funding to make this happen and provide Qrise Ltd with a huge degree of autonomy.

Secondly, the expert hard work and insights from the Not for Profit Accounting Specialists were invaluable to navigating the process. Qrise Ltd would not be what is is without the fantastic contribution of their Consulting CFO Ellie Paterson.

This means big changes for how Qrise will do things, from the symbolic (keen eyes will notice we are now a .org.au) to the fundamental such as Qrise bank accounts and a board of directors.

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