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Qrise is dedicated to eliminating mental health inequalities among LGBTQIA+ young Australians through mental health training, youth development programs and peer support. We dream of enabling a resilient generation of proud, loud, included and politically-engaged LGBTQIA+ young people, who have the resources and knowledge to seek support for their mental health when going through a tough time.

On July 9, the first Qrise forum took place on Collins St in the Melbourne CBD. Dozens of young people and professionals in support roles, from across the state, came together to develop skills in leadership, advocacy and mental health literacy.

Sara Strachan

Youth Worker & Arts Leader

Sara (they/them/theirs) is an enthusiastic believer in the importance of mental health, self-expression and art and seeks to encourage the overall health of community at all these point, particularly where they intersect.

Charlie Cooper

Youth Worker & Mental Health Advocate

Charlie (he/him/his) is passionate about working with community to reduce stigma surrounding mental ill-health and to encourage earliest-possible help-seeking among young people of all backgrounds and identities.

Qheadspace, a headspace National initiative led by Qrise co-founders Sara and Charlie, was an online peer support program for LGBTQIA+ young people and their allies, that ran during the 2017 Marriage Equality postal survey.

Get in Touch

Want to organise a Qrise Forum?

Want to organise a Qrise Forum?

Want to organise a Qrise Forum at your organisation, school or town? Get in touch to get the ball rolling!

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    Supporters of the first QRISE forum, without whom it would not have been possible.